Regular Events

Every second Wednesday we meet in Zurich and every fourth Wednesday in Geneva. There are also Bitcoin meetups in other cities (Zug, Bern, Basel, Lausanne) on a less regular schedule. Please contact us if you plan to start a meetup in your city and we will help you as good as we can!

Besides our regular beer, burger & Bitcoins meetups, we organize and attend various events around Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Meetup Switzerland

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Bitcoin Meetup Switzerland


Past Events

28. November 2016, Zurich:
Paul Puey: Airbitz Edge-Login: Bringing Single-Sign-On to Blockchain Technology

26. October 2016, Zurich:
Andreas M. Antonopoulos

5. October 2016, Zurich:
Charitable Giving in a Digital World

7. September 2016, Zurich:
Thomas Voegtlin: Electrum Maintainer

20-22. May 2016, Zurich:
CoreDev hacking Zurich
The BAS helps the Bitcoin Core development team to meet and work face to face

17. May 2016, Zurich:
Bitcoin Association Switzerland: 3. General Assembly

27. April 2016, Zurich:
Christian Decker: Off-Blockchain Scaling: Duplex Micropayment Channels

16. April 2016, Glarus:
Securing the Blockchain - Visit a Swiss Bitcoin Mining Farm

30. March 2016, Zurich:
Andreas M. Antonopoulus: Thoughts on the future of money

18. March 2016, St. Gallen:
Booth at START Summit, Blockchain speakers acquisition

15. March 2016, Zurich:
Jonas Nick: Blockchain Privacy: Theory and Practice

19. January 2016, Zurich:
Jonas Schnelli: : Bitcoin Core Release 0.12

10. September 2015, Zug:
Perry Despeignes: Augur - Blockchain Prediction Markets

7. July 2015, Zurich:
Douglas: New Hardware Wallet: Digital Bitbox

3. June 2015, Zurich:
Jonas Schnelli: How to contribute to Bitcoin Core

30. April 2015, Geneva:
Dionysis Zindros: Open Bazaar
Arne Brutschy and Jeremie Dubois-Lacoste: Promising altcoin Monero

23. April 2015, Basel:
Casey Kuhlman: Distributed Application Software Stack: What is Eris?

22. April 2015, Zurich:
Casey Kuhlman: Distributed Application Software Stack: What is Eris?

26 March 2015, Zurich: (Host: Fabio Andreotti vom Liberalen Institut)
Bernhard Mueller-Hug & Niklas Nikolajsen:
Liberaler Gespraechskreis: Kryptowaehrungen: technische und polit-phil. Einfuehrung

11. March 2015, Zurich:
Pieter Wuille: Bitcoin Core Release 0.10

3. March 2015, Zurich:
Bernhard Mueller-Hug: OpenTuesday: Bitcoin: Magic Internet Money
Bitcoin Introduction talk

16. Februar 2015, Zug:
Pavel Kravchenko: Combining KYC and anonymity in cryptocurrency

10. Februar 2015, Zurich:
Mike Hearn: Lighthouse

29. Januar 2015, Zurich:
Bernhard Mueller-Hug: Bitcoin Einfuehrung im Rahmen von "Social is the new Social"

26. November 2014, Zurich:
Sebastian Kung: Distributed computing on the Block Chain

18. November 2014, Zurich:
Justus Ranvier: Colored Coins

5. November, 2014, Zurich :
Softlaunch of the Bitcoin Exhibition in the Zurich MoneyMuseum

18. September 2014, Zug:
Chris Odom: Open Transactions

13. August 2014, Basel:
Chris Dreyer: A Financial Analysts perspective on Bitcoin

9. July 2014, Basel:
Ali Khan and John Michell: Visions of a decentralized future: DAOs, Dapps and their impact

27. May 2014, Zug:
Justus Ranvier : Voting Pools
Jimmy Song: Colored Coins

19. March 2014, Zurich:
Bitcoin Meetup with Jon Matonis (Bitcoin Foundation)

23. February 2014, Zurich:
1. Swiss Bitcoin Association General Assembly

11. February 2014, Zurich:
A Guided Tour of the MoneyMuseum

4. February 2014, Zurich:
Bitcoin Meetup w/ Mihai Alisie (Ethereum)

8. October 2013, Zurich:
Meetup with Ripple CTO

18. September 2013, Zurich:
Meetup with Vitalik Buterin

26. May, 2013, Zurich:
First Bitcoin Meetup since 2011